Doing It for the Art: The guy’s dedication to both his works

All There in the Manual: His blog, Bamboo Thicket, is where a lot of extras like doodles or character designs go. Approval of God: He’s notably open with his fans regarding his work. Art Evolution: His art has become much less angular throughout the years. And his ears and hands aren’t as big. Bilingual Bonus: He is very good at English, and seems to know Chinese as well. Doing It for the Art: The guy’s dedication to both his works and fanbase ought to count for something. That he’s also pretty open to letting said fans have their way with his work may also count. Fan Nickname: Himapapa, among others. Most involving Japanese Honorifics or something to do with being a Troll. “Himalaya”, too. He’s Back: The general reaction to both Volume 5 of Hetalia and Himaruya’s “return.” Kindhearted Cat Lover: Most of his extra drawings/sketches/comics involve cats, not dogs. One of Us: Notably a fan of When They Cry. And of South Park and Happy Tree Friends. He even drew Vocaloid fanart once. Also Red Alert 3. He also drew Italy in a Haruhi cosplay. Indeed it helps in really explaining why he’s very open to (if not outright pandering or supporting) fandom and fanon. All but confirmed in this entry from his websitenote The gist of it is that people are pretty much free to do whatever they like with his work, so long as they refrain from earning a profit off of it and acknowledge him if there’s any need to. Ridiculously Cute Critter: His pet bunny and tends to take pictures of bunnies. He even draws them in his own comics.

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