From 30 per cent votes in January 2017

But here’s the thing: To my surprise, the new season of X Files was well aware of this fact. And instead of trying to copy its ’90s glory, the revival addressed my concerns head on, with Alex Jones type characters and Mulder being confounded by smartphones. It wasn’t perfect, but reviving the show started making sense to me while I watched it. Mulder didn’t really fit into the internet age, and that was exactly the point. And audiences agreed, as the new season set record ratings which sometimes surpassed those of the original series. Fans were pleased, and David Duchovny got a much needed safety net for his folk rock career. Everybody kind of won.

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replica handbags store But the pole position is still Virat Kohli’s to lose. The captain’s influence on the Board of Control for Cricket in India may be growing but his popularity among the public waned. From 30 per cent votes in January 2017, Kohli has lost ground by 7 percentage points six months later. India’s loss in the Champions Trophy finals to Pakistan and Kohli’s feud with erstwhile head coach Anil Kumble which subsequently led to the latter’s resignation may be factors. replica handbags store

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