“Take a look at these binoculars!” one would say

what you should look for in a tax preparer

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Fake Handbags At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2014, I was finally bored enough to keep a few appointments, and began to notice how hard the PR reps were trying to get products into my hands. I’d be there sipping champagne and eating lobster rolls (that’s what convention planners hand out when they want people to feel fancy) at sponsored events held by c suite marketing reps for REI and LL Bean, while they pitched me what I first assumed was some type of timeshare pyramid scheme. “Take a look at these binoculars!” one would say, trying to give me a pair, even though I had no free hand. “You want to review these? You get to keep ’em, no problem.” My instinct was to ask them if LL Bean HQ had any positions open for “staff blogger,” but then I realized how I could be really using these companies. Fake Handbags

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