Somewhat similar to Star Wars which uses modified real world

kyerio comments on oh how the tables have turned

Replica Designer Handbags I see it as a fantastic opportunity to drastically change the way we grow our food. In 2008 I designed and built a restaurant that sat in the heart of Melbourne’s Federation Square. On the roof were 120 bins filled with 60 tonnes of soil. Not just any soil but a skilfully made mix of rich compost from organic waste with Bio Char made from by products like olive pips. To our surprise we yielded some significant amounts of food. From just 20 bins of potatoes we harvested 350 kilograms also many cucumbers, greens, tomatoes, chives, herbs and even some Jerusalem artichokes. For the four hot months we were there, the heat island effect acted like a catalyst. We were recycling the water from the downstairs restaurant and the combination of heat, water and rich soil was the magic combination! It really showed how productive our cities can and should be. Replica Designer Handbags

Replica Handbags Note this is essentially an English speaking world thing. In some languages a perfectly fine translation of “I love you” can be a much weaker sentence with much less powerful implications, as even in English the term can be used casually and in a wide variety of ways. A Woolseyism may be needed in translation to get the proper tone. note In French “aimer” means “like” as much as “love”. Spanish has “Te quiero” and “Te amo”, which both mean I Love You, but the later is MUCH more serious and rarely given. “Te quiero”, in fact, literally translates to “I want you”, which implies a more superficial or subdued love than “Te amo” implies. In German the literal translation of “I love you” Ich liebe dich implies a romantic meaning much more than in English, while the phrase Ich hab dich lieb stands for platonic love likely meaning love between parents and children. In English both translates to “I love you”. And even within the English speaking world, dating works differently in different cultures. Replica Handbags

high quality designer replica handbags Brel also covered a few of his French language songs in Dutch. In his scathing anti Flemish nationalistic song “Les F.” Brel sings: “Et quand des Chinois cultiv me demande d’ o que je suis, je r fatigu et avec des larmes sous dents: Ik ben van Luxembourg. (And when cultivated Chinese ask me from where I from, I respond tired and with tears between my teeth: “I am from Luxembourg”.) Badass Baritone Badass Boast: In “Les F.” Brel launches a scathing attack on the flamingants (Flemish nationalists) and concludes his vitriolic comments with the declaration: Et si mes fr se taisent et bien tant pis pour elles/Je chante persiste et signe je m’appelle Jacques Brel (“And if my brothers remain silent, well, to hell with them/I stick to what I sing and sign “My name is Jacques Brel.”). high quality designer replica handbags

Replica Bags Crapsaccharine World: A light example. While Whoville seems like a festive, friendly place at first, the Grinch and Cindy Lou feel that the Whos are very materialistic about Christmas. Not to mention how The Grinch was treated when he was a kid. Cue the Sun: Arrives right after the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes. Curtains Match The Windows: The Grinch has green eyes and green hair. Delivery Stork: How baby Whos are delivered, evidently. Devil in Plain Sight: Mayor Augustus Maywho doesn’t start out this way, but after after his past as a schoolyard bully is revealed, his sadistic traits become considerably noticeable, especially during the Who balation, where he sees to it that the Grinch has an absolutely horrible time there. Did Not Get the Girl: The Mayor loses Martha to the Grinch. Subverted with the Grinch who didn’t win Martha over as a child. The Dog Bites Back: After enduring enough of his bullying in school, the Grinch destroys his gift, his presents and hurls a tree at the classmates saying that he hates Christmas. Easily Forgiven: While more cynical towards the Grinch in this interpretation, you have to give credit that the Whos are willing to give him a chance twice over after completely destroying the festivities (then again, he did brought the stuff he stole back): The Grinch: I am the Grinch that stole Christmas. and I’m sorry. beat Aren’t you going to cuff me? Put me in a chokehold? Blind me with pepper spray? Replica Bags

cheap replica handbags Instead, Admiral Salen Kotch features as the game’s Big Bad. Somewhat similar to Star Wars which uses modified real world weapons. Volk Resembles a Kalashnikov, but visibly modified to fire blasts of energy instead of Replica Designer Handbags ballistics NV4 Otherwise known as the “Nova 4”. Takes obvious inspiration from the M4A1 OSA Beretta ARX 160, a reference to Call of Duty: Ghosts where it is the main weapon of the Orbital Space Aeronautics (see Mythology Gag below) Karma 45 Kriss Vector with an extra mag well MacTav45 H UMP 45; “MacTav” is short for “Soap MacTavish”, a protagonist in the Modern Warfare franchise TF 141 CheyTac Intervention (another Modern Warfare reference) FHR 40 FN P90 with some futuristic front parts (the barrel looks like a meat tenderizer) DMR M1 A heavily modified M1 Garand (wood body and all), though the original M1 Garand is also available Kendall 44 Glock 17, chambered in.45 ACP rounds Hornet Glock 18 S Ravage SPAS 12, named after a well known player frequently associated with MW2’s SPAS 12 EMC Springfield Armory XD Subcompact with a large aiming module mounted under the barrel (along with some kind of locking frame that affixes to the butt) and a large block stuck above the frame (it’s also an energy weapon) Alien Sky: You will fight under the lightning filled methane clouds of Titan, the murky red sky of Mars, a Europa skyline dominated by Jupiter, the Moon with the Earth overhead, and an asteroid flying into the sun cheap replica handbags.

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