Creepy Child: Flashback!Toroya, Arisu and Sangatsu

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Replica Bags Cat Girl: Heart and Diamond. Spade, Club and everyone else from the Land of Beasts are cat people in general. Cloudcuckoolander: Tooru thniks Mineko as one of these. Creepy Child: Flashback!Toroya, Arisu and Sangatsu. Toroya even more so. Dropped a Bridge on Him: Gothman and possibly Tooru as well. Elemental Powers: Helios is supposed to have all four elements. He only have one so far (Fire), with the other three being owned by the warlocks. They are Earth (Toroya), Water (Arisu) and Air (Sangatsu). Evil Laugh: Toroya has one in Part 2 in “Desert Cats”. Foreign Cuss Word: Evilina and Gothman often curse in French. Girlish Pigtails: Miraa’s high school girl disguise. Important Haircut: Mineko had her braided ponytail cut off by Evilina, cut her hair shorter after Luna’s death and grew more hair as she grows older. Luminescent Blush: Shows up everywhere. Mundane Made Awesome: Evilina and Mineko just made squeezing oranges look cool, thanks to the use of magic. Oh, Crap!: Evilina, when Toroya’s elemental cacti merged into one. Older Than He Looks: Syn II, who is supposed to be 21 in the official bio, but remains looking like a 10 year old because of a curse. Petting Zoo People: Gothman, the dog fox guy. That Man Is Dead: Louis officially dismissed his Kazura disguise after Mineko said that his true form is fine with her. Theme Naming: The Four Aces of The Royal Guardian (Spade, Club, Heart and Diamond). Token Minority: Evilina is the only character with the darkest skin color. Tragic Keepsake: Mineko’s photo of herself, her older brother, Kazura and Tooru. In the later chapters, Luna’s glasses. What Happened to the Mouse?: Tooru turns into a doll, gets kidnapped by the Shadow Realm warlocks. and then what? Yandere: Miraa’s obsession to Helios led to nearly claiming the lives of two girls and Mineko as well. You Did Everything You Could: Syn II asks Mineko to get over Luna’s death. You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Toroya, Malady and Diamond have pink hair while Soileh, Melly and Heary have completely red hair. Replica Bags

cheap replica handbags When this intelligence is combined with a talent for manipulation, and possibly some good looks, you get an explosive mixture: add some Applied Phlebotinum or an Artifact of Doom and you might get a Magnificent Bastard, with the potential to be a very interesting X tagonist. If, in addition to that, they are benevolent and feel compelled by their intelligence to improve the world, you might get a very effective Well Intentioned Extremist who thinks Utopia Justifies the Means, and who might become a Knight Templar. If, instead, they are a Nietzsche Wannabe, beware: high intelligence leads to questioning, and, in Morals, when you find out there aren’t any readily made answers, you might settle for “there aren’t any answers at all, so just do what you want”. With enough Motive Decay, can become an Omnicidal Maniac and a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds cheap replica handbags.

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