Drives Like Crazy: One of the defining characteristics of Dali

Battle Couple: Curran and Kate. Later Andrea and Raphael. Also, the clan Alphas. Beast Man: The stronger shapeshifters can develop a warrior form, halfway between their human and beast forms. Belligerent Sexual Tension: Kate and Curran. Andrea and Raphael. Beta Couple: Andrea and Raphael. Dali and Jim. Big Eater: The shapeshifters eat a lot to fuel their transformations. Bishounen Raphael, Ascanio and Derek. The latter only until Magic Strikes. Blood Magic: Blood wards are magic circles drawn in the caster’s blood, and they draw their strength from the blood itself. Magic itself seems deeply interwoven with a person’s blood, which is why Kate can’t afford to lose hers. Kate, her aunt and her father are all capable of creating blood armor. Boomerang Bigot: Leslie Wren, a werelynx who goes rogue in the fifth book. Character Development: Kate begins the series as a mouthy, immature loner. As time passes, she learns to bite her tongue and apologize for her words, she stops putting her ego first, and she acquires some friendships that are very important to her. Chekhov S Gun: The essay on Upir that Bono gave Kate before the start of Magic Bites. Cool Sword: Slayer. Minor character Rene has a poisonous rapier that’s a lot like Slayer. In Magic Breaks, Sarrat. Both Slayer and Sarrat are made from the bones of Kate’s grandmother. Dark and Troubled Past: Kate, Curran, Derek, and Andrea all have horrifically abusive childhood trauma and carry the baggage with them. Deadpan Snarker: A lot of characters, but we mostly hear Kate snark because we’re in her head. About the only one who doesn’t fit this trope is Grendel, and he’s a shaved poodle. The Determinator: Kate and Curran both. In particular, when Curran charges into a flying palace full of thousands of armed Rakshasas in the middle of a magic jungle. Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Kate faces off against divinity several times. Also, the Morrigan shows herself to be wary of Kate, withdrawing with a promise that they won’t meet again after Kate threatens her. Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu?: And before she punches out the Babylonian plague god, Kate and said god have tea and a nice chat about strategy. And their family. Divorce Requires Death: Wolves mate for life, and so clan Wolf doesn’t believe in divorces. Ever. Drives Like Crazy: One of the defining characteristics of Dali Harimau. As she has a shapeshifter’s Healing Factor, she considers crashing to be merely inconvenient. You’re a menace.

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