This is how the Green Party won their only seat in Brighton

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Falabella Replica Bags It is worth noting that because a General Election is fought over 650 small constituencies, which change little (if at all) between elections, small political parties can make gains by concentrating all their efforts on one constituency. This is how the Green Party won their only seat in Brighton Pavilion in 2010, and why UKIP didn’t win any despite having more support nationwide. Any Parliamentary constituency has a tendency to become a two horse race with a bunch of also rans, but exactly which of the parties are the two front runners depends on the constituency. Scottish seats tend to be SNP Labour (in urban areas) or SNP Lib Dem (in rural and island areas), with some Tory SNP constituencies now appearing following backlash from independence uncertainty. The South of England tends to be Lib Dem Tory battles outside of urban Labour areas, and some of the deepest rural areas were shaping up as UKIP Tory battlegrounds prior to UKIP’s vote collapse in 2017 Falabella Replica Bags.

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