When Harry Met Sally was a defining moment for a generation of

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Fake Handbags It is said that Ephron was not very thrilled with the title and toyed with many other options including How They Met, which sounds similar to Imtiaz’s 2007 film Jab We Met.IMAGE: Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.When Harry Met Sally was a defining moment for a generation of young filmgoers, figuring out the complexities of love.But with its documentary style witnesses older couples, who appear throughout the film and narrate their real life love stories the film crossed over generation lines and became a hit.Twenty eight years later the film opened in theatres on July 21, 1989 When Harry Met Sally still feels fresh, relatable and very, very funny.The crucial premise of the film is discussed in the first 12 minutes when Harry (a hilarious, sardonic, although sometimes heartbroken and goofy looking Billy Crystal, who improvised throughout) and Sally (the cute, charming but uber controlling Meg Ryan, who later became the face of Nora Ephron’s rom coms) are in the car.During a stopover at a diner, Harry makes a pass at Sally Fake Handbags.

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