The cannon at Farnsworth’s mansion that gets fired after flags

Afterlife Antechamber: What looks like “Heaven” is only a waiting room for the final trip. Afterlife Express: The final trip to Heaven would have been taken aboard a Concorde SST. Attending Your Own Funeral: How Joe manages to convince his coach that it’s really him in Leo’s body. Berserk Button: Do not try to shut Julia up. Bittersweet Ending: Joe finally has the body he wants in Jarrett, but he no longer has memories of his old life, meaning that he can’t remember Betty. Though the movie ends with a hopeful note that they’ll fall in love again as they leave together. Chekhov’s Gun: Chekhov’s Cannon. The cannon at Farnsworth’s mansion that gets fired after flags are raised and lowered seems confusing when it keeps getting shown earlier in the film, but Tony ends up using the cannon blast as a cover for the fatal gunshot he aims at Leo. Joe’s saxophone which in the final locker room scene becomes important as a sign that Joe has now become Tom Jarrett and doesn’t remember anything about his past lives. Divorce Requires Death Eccentric Millionaire: Leo Farnsworth was one already, but Joe occupying his body turns it Up to Eleven for everyone who knows him. It Is Not Your Time Lie to the Beholder May December Romance: Subverted; Joe’s around Betty’s age, but the body he’s occupying. isn’t. Murder the Hypotenuse: Julia and Tony’s plans to murder Leo, though they’re Played for Laughs until they succeed. Newscaster Cameo: Several prominent sportscasters of the era show up, most notably Dick Enberg and Bryant Gumbel. Rasputinian Death: How Tony and Julia view Leo (unaware that he’s receiving supernatural help). The Remake: Both is a remake and has a remake.

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Designer Replica Bags Heart Is an Awesome Power: The God of Lock’s power is nothing to be sneezed at. Besides the whole “keeping the Yozis imprisoned” thing, it has a number of other uses, like when Nemen Yi uses the key’s power to make a stitched together zombie’s stitches all come undone. See Semantic Superpower for more information. Hero Antagonist: Elegant Nova of Progression. Sure, she’s a Mad Scientist, but it’s clear from the point where we actually meet her that she’s a charitable and kind person who just happens to be really stubborn about test subjects. The fact that she happily surrenders when Misho saves her from being badly injured helps too. Nemen Yi is a staunch defender of Creation, but she seriously questions the party’s qualifications to defend the Keys. There’s probably more to it than that. Heroic Bastard: Secret. As far as the character archetype goes, she had a pretty sweet deal (she was fortunate enough to have both parents in her life), but given that she lived in the Coral Archipelago. This is an actual rule in Exalted what you see is the Heart of Tears Limit Break, where a Compassionate Solar becomes literally catatonic with indecision and guilt over every decision he’s made. Heroic Sacrifice: Mew Cai Sniff Humongous Mecha: Misho’s God Forged Champion of War. Improbable Weapon User: Misho fights with a keyblade. And is in denial about it. First And Forsaken Lion seems to be going the keyblade route as well, as opposed to the soul sucking BFS he wields in canon. Misho mentioned early on that the First And Forsaken Lion had forged the Key of Soulsteel. And when considering what the Keys are capable of, it’s not surprising that he’d trade his old sword in for the Key of Soulsteel. It would be hilarious, though, if he only wants to escape his armor instead of taking over/destroying the world. It’s noted later in the comics that the gods are actually incapable of even wielding the keys of creation. This means that Lion is just holding onto it until he can find someone worth giving it to. Unless, of course, there’s something we don’t know yet. Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Misho seems this way. I Never Told You My Name: Nova somehow knows Misho’s name despite having never been told it, but refuses to say how when he asks her. Instrument of Murder: Resonance Ben’s soulsteel guitar. Designer Replica Bags

Replica Handbags Military Moonshiner: One, Corporal Harrigan, supplies the illegal booze for the party in Iraq. Mr. Fanservice: Gyllenhall, who even appears during a Christmas party wearing only two Santa hats. Guess where they’re placed. Never Trust a Trailer: Discussed at length in this Cracked article, which cites Jarhead as a major offender. The trailer tries to make a slow paced character drama about the boredom and alienation of military life look like a slam bang war thriller by stringing together footage of the few scenes where there’s actually any fighting shown. They even include the scene where Fergus lights the flares on fire, which (taken out of context) makes it look like the marines are under attack. This may be intentional. Obligatory War Crime Scene: Fowler commits this. It’s defiling a corpse, but that’s still a major no no by the books. There’s an allusion to the same marine having shot a camel just because he could. Pac Man Fever: When Swofford and his squad are being shipped out to Saudi Arabia there are a few lines of dialogue referring to levels in Metroid, and that if you reach the tenth level, nothing happens, you just start at the beginning again. Erm, no. The Metroid series doesn’t actually have “levels” in the traditional gaming sense as any area can be visited at any point in the game on the condition that you have appropriate upgrades to access it. Not to mention that even the first Metroid game replica bags for the NES had a legitimate, if short, ending. Pink Mist: Invoked by name, in an almost erotic way. Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: SSgt Sykes. See A Real Man Is a Killer for the quote. Sykes: The Bible says, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Now hear this. FUCK. THAT. SHIT Replica Handbags.

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